Bringing Denmark to the
forefront of Gender Diversity

About GDR

The Gender Diversity Roundtable (GDR), hosted by UN Women and Boston Consulting Group (BCG), is a coalition of leaders from the private sector, academia and civil society working to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive Denmark.

Organizations that attract diversity, build diverse leadership teams, and maintain an equitable and inclusive culture make better and more nuanced decisions. This leads Denmark forward.

GDR activities

The GDR meets throughout the year to discuss how we create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive Denmark.

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Annual GDR meeting 2023

Annually we host the main GDR meeting on International Women’s Day – here, we bring the leaders of Denmark together to discuss latest research and insights on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, as well as concrete solutions and learnings from the members of GDR.

Annual GDR meeting 2023

CHRO forum

To transfer knowledge into action, we bring together CHRO’s of the member companies to share experiences and discuss how you as a company can create actual impact.

CHRO forum
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Policy working groups

Organised by KVINFO, we bring together members to create an action plan for improving the gender balance in education.

Policy working groups